Profile: Stan Miller

Stan Miller

Watercolor Painting of French Window Flowers © Stan Miller
French Window Flowers     22 x 36"     Egg Tempera on Paper

"I tell my students in my workshops, that for me,

painting in oil was like training a dog.

Painting in watercolor is like trying to train your cat."

   Stan Miller respects and excels at the challenges of working in watermedia. His watercolors and egg tempera paintings show great mastery over the unpredictable nature of the mediums. Miller passes along the lessons he's learned over a lifetime of being an artist to his many students.

 Egg Tempera © Stan Miller
September Shadows          24 x 36"     Egg Tempera on Paper

Egg Tempera © Stan Miller
New Meadows          24 x 36"          Egg Tempera on Paper

   "The most important lesson I've learned is that learning how to paint is easy, very simple—learn how to draw, get your values right, get your color right, choose a subject that matches your skill level—and you will end up with satisfying paintings. Works every time. I tell my beginning students that anyone and everyone can become a great artist, if you have the passion."

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All artwork copyright Stan Miller.


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